Terri Gregory, Ms.Ed., the founder of YAR.


Hey there! I'm Terri Gregory, Ms.Ed., the founder of YAR.

I offer solutions for you that  I needed when I was managing teenagers at home and in the classroom. It's just that simple.

Long story short:  My lack in parenting skills became increasingly apparent as my kids approached adolescence. Can you relate to the pain and heartbreak of not being able to help kids through this uber important phase?  I, like you, set about looking for help.  I hit the jackpot when I discovered The 8 Life Stages of Psychosocial Development (see below) which threw me into warp speed in my parenting. I got better. My kids got better. Now, because you're here, your kids will get better too.  You do not have time to read tomes, watch endless modules, memorize phrases, or risk wasting your precious time on something that may or may not work. What came together through research and experience became YAR as I began to implement and to share what I'd learned with parents, teachers and other youth workers who, like you, wanted help.  The YAR mindset is really about you becoming the  person you dream of being as you guide the teens in your life toward the same.

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Not only is YAR the acronym for Youth and Adolescent Relationships, it is also a nautical term meaning fit and ready to sail. The power of YAR to change the life of an adolescent comes through understanding the huge difference between controlling and managing another person's behavior. 

YAR is used successfully by parents and teachers and other adults finding themselves playing a major role in the lives of difficult to manage teenagers.  

Help your adolescent captain their own ship into adulthood without sinking yours!

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YAR allows you to harness the forward moving energy of the all important adolescent phase of life. This stage of development is often scary for both kids and the adults who want so desperately to help them stay on the right track. Instead of being a dreaded phase for all involved, YAR provides a path to critical thinking through humor, compassion, and understanding. Living and/or working with your teenagers becomes a dream instead of a nightmare. Through understanding the  8 Life Stages of Development which we all go through, you help the adolescent  manage their present situation while gaining skills in navigating their future. And because we are all on this developmental continuum, relief is added to the mix: you are still growing yourself so there's no need to feel you have to have all of the answers. YAR allows the adult to guide and glide, not drive and strive.Whew!



YAR can shine a light on your world no matter where you are on the globe or what your role is in the life of an adolescent. Use our Contact page or access help at any time via our log of videos and books on our Get Started Now page right here on our website. We develop all of our materials with you in mind. You, who are so good-hearted; you, whose life is so full; you, whose time is so precious. We save you the time and trouble of wading through lessons or binders or modules. You need help now! So, what're you waiting for? They won't be kids forever!

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You can see results as soon as you begin to use what you learn:

"I'm in tears this morning. My daughter came into my bedroom last night, sat on the bed and talked to me for the first time in years. Thank you!" YAR parent

"The burden of modern-day teaching has become much lighter since I've gotten clear on my role in the classroom." YAR teacher

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