China Syndrome

Happy New Year!

Okay, now that all the confetti has fallen and all of the falderal is over we can move on to the business of raising adults in 2020. China’s “Big Baby” crisis, the apparent difficulty Chinese youth are having, is today’s topic.

When you think of the word “adult” what comes to mind? For me, it’s all about personal responsibility. An adult realizes that each choice, each decision compels an outcome. Taking responsibility for that outcome is what grown ups do. You know, kind of like Newton’s Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?

When we allow adolescents to make choices, then we must allow them the consequences of those choices. This leads to critical thinking, which leads to better choices, which leads to adult decision-making and taking responsibility for one’s life.

“Spoiling” children simply means we spoil their chances to grow into themselves, to take responsibility for their lives and actions. Watch today’s short video to find out the best way to help the teens in your life to grow up!

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  1. Good one! My son is relatively self-sufficient, but I do enjoy cooking meals for him/us. I’ve been unwell this week, and physically unable to do anything for my 15 y/o son. I had to fight feeling guilty a couple times for him having to totally fend for himself, but it has been good practice for both of us!


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