Wanna Encourage Your Student EVERY Day?

Wanna Encourage Your Student EVERY Day?

You probably got into teaching because you wanted to help, right? You’re a natural born helper. You’re good-hearted and you’re creative. Yet, the burden of modern-day teaching can be exhausting and put you in danger of losing your fire.

In this video you’ll learn the quick and easy way to not only encourage your students each and every day that they walk into your classroom, you will also be building their self awareness, affirming choices, and thereby instantly building self-esteem.

The great thing about this simple exercise, which takes only seconds, is that it will restore and rejuvenate you as you see that light go on in your student’s eyes. That glimmer of realization, the sudden awareness that, “hey, I did something right today already” which is SUCH a great feeling.

You already know that self esteem does not come from others (hint: the word “self”). So, you can help your student(s) today, right now, every day, to inch toward self efficacy and confidence in all of their undertakings. And, that light in your students’ eyes will reflect back on you making your day a bit brighter as well.

I’m sending this to you with the utmost respect for all that you do,


1 thought on “Wanna Encourage Your Student EVERY Day?”

  1. YES! Thanks Terri for a great reminder of the impact when teachers guide students to recognize their own power and intelligence in real and basic decisions. Looking forward to next Tuesday!


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