Where Do I Go For Help With My Teenager?

Would you go to an auto shop for a haircut.

Would you go to a jewelry store to buy flowers?

Would you go to a restaurant for clothing.

Would you go to someone for advice on how to have a great relationship with your teenager during these often trying years, who doesn’t have what you want?

Would you ask a parent of disrespectful and rude kids for help with your child/parent relationship?

Probably not. But where do you go?

In this video you will see how plentiful help is and where to go to find that help when you need it the most.

A change in mindset can be like waking from a dream. Suddenly your eyes are open to possibilities that you never saw before.

When you hear yourself saying things like, “Turn that music down” or “You call that dancing?” or “Because I said so,” where do you go to keep from doing the same old things your parents did  that didn’t work for you as a teenager? Who gives the best advice on managing behavior in a specific situation? How can you best get your precious cargo through a crisis point?

Watch now for 3 little things that can cause a big turnaround for you and that adorable one you love best!

☀️Sending you lots of starlight and sunshine!☀️


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