Do You Know the Difference Between Your Role as a Parent and Your Identity as a Person?

According to a recent post on Psychology Today’s blog, mother’s are drowning in stress.

The article states: “The United States is an outlier among Western Industrialized countries for its lack of support for working mothers.” The longterm answer is social change which is a bit daunting at best. However, your understanding of what is actually helpful in your child’s development as opposed to what society (and yourself) expects of you is a huge step forward.

In my book, The Identity Crisis of Parenting: A Short Guide To Relief, you’ll find the developmental stages spelled out with simple explanations of benchmarks. Understanding these benchmarks will offer such relief and help you determine the best role in supporting your kids. Access the link to the book on our website at

Meanwhile, take a look at this short video to begin to make changes in your outlook today. While it’s true that you may not be able to do much about the unrealistic cultural suppositions thrust upon you, you can do things differently in your own household toward relief. Remember, you cannot pass on to your children what you do not know. You don’t want them to lead stressful, out-of-control lives, right? Right. The Life Stages of Development will provide relief for you and for them.

If you’re waiting for the kids to finally be motivated to do what you tell them, for your partner to change or for your work load to decrease, you will likely be waiting a very long time. The truth is that you are the one you’ve been waiting for. You are the one who has the power to change your own behaviors and self-expectations, which in turn will cause a domino effect of change in your household.

Here’s to you and your best life,


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