SHINE Your Light!

The older I get, the more I realize that the stories presented by my parents were sometimes edited in order to protect me from harsh realities.

I get that. I understand that there are times when being conscious of sharing in an age appropriate manner is important. However, there are things that happen to us which can be shared with love and care in order to help our teenagers not feel so alone and to help them realize that grandparents are people too.

Grandparents, especially, have a powerful place in the lives of their grandchildren in that they are usually once-removed from the actual parenting role. Yet, their interest and love is still needed. This can be a hard fence to straddle.

One of the ways I’ve come up with in order to stay connected to my own grandchildren is what today’s Tuesdays With Terri segment is all about.

I hope this can help you in your quest to help your children and your grandchildren as they go through this important stage of adolescent development together.

All the best,

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