The Things We Hand Down

The things we hand down to our grandchildren can be so much more than mere “things.”

But when you do hand down actual things, this money-saving, heart-opening, relationship-building exercise will turn that thing into so much more!

When it comes to your precious belongings you can have more say as to what goes where. You can continue to tell the story of your life. You can create a connection through your own precious memories. You can strengthen your family bonds while freeing yourself at the same time.

Holding the position of Grandparent is truly grand!

You, yourself, are the gift to your family; your wisdom, your experience, your humor and grace can shine through at this stage of life. Lighten your load and fill your heart at the same time with this special version of Tuesdays With Terri.

All the best as you travel through this stage of life,


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