We’re Home. Now What?!

Spring has sprung us a big surprise in the form of HUGE social changes, right?

You are home from work, kids are home from school and there is NO PLACE to go! Fortunately for all of us there is social media so that we can be together and yet still be apart and trying to stay safe. YAY!

So, I’ve been sending you all these videos about behavior management and the adolescent life stage but I’ve never told you the other thing I do. Here’s the deal: I’m no tidying guru or merciless thrower-outer like some Facebook ads flooding your feed. But, I can tell you that years ago I had an aha moment about “stuff” which led to my dealing with my own overwhelm.

Since then, I’ve spoken with many overwhelmed adults dealing with overwhelming behaviors from the teens in their lives. Along the way, I had another aha moment about these lovely people trying so hard to get a grip on unpredictable teenage behaviors. Guess what! Almost all of them had lots of stuff which took up precious mental energy. This seems to be true for many of us and I’ve often wondered about the correlation between overwhelm and stuff.

So, I’ve got some bad news and some good news and some awesome news. The bad news is that everything in your sphere requires your energy. You already know that people take up lots of your energy but you may not have realized that things do as well. Stuff: you think about buying it, storing it, keeping it clean, taking care of it, etc. etc. etc. The good news is that you get to choose what or whom to spend your energy on. Yep. It’s definitely a choice. The awesome news is that I”m offering my encouragement and direction to help with both.

Helping people declutter was never part of my grand scheme. As an education major my hope was to teach which led to research on adolescent behavior which led to working with overwhelmed teachers which led to working with overwhelmed parents which led to my noticing the mental clutter that leads to overwhelm.

Check out today’s video for the deets and let’s have some fun!

So much love, Terri


2 thoughts on “We’re Home. Now What?!”

  1. That was excellent!
    Thanks for the sweet bit you messaged me.

    I’m trying to figure out how to do kundalini and mindfulness practices online.

    You are an inspiration! I’ll pass on your info.

    I may ask you for some help but I will pay you for it!
    Hugs sally


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